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As the daughter of a graphic designer and an art teacher, Hollynn Wilcox was raised to believe that art is an essential part of being human. An avid artist since she was young, Hollynn is primarily self-taught and has embraced the creative freedom and vulnerability of abstract art. Her vibrant work is rich with contrast, and her process is guided by artistic intuition and the drive to convey a sense of depth and life.

Empathy and freedom are central elements to her artistic practice. Informed by her experience as a psychotherapist, Hollynn's work centers around the rejection of rigid expectations, whether personal or societal. Her goal is to convey authentic emotion through mess and raw forms of expression.

In her paintings, Hollynn uses acrylics and watercolors to create depth and vibrancy, with each piece taking on an untethered life of its own. Experimentation and imperfection are embraced. The canvas is approached as an evolving stage whereupon most paintings go through various iterations, resulting in many past lives hidden beneath the surface. By alternating between opaque, translucent, bold, and soft layers, Hollynn's work captures a sense of movement and an atmosphere that is sometimes moody and sometimes bright and playful. A painting is “done” when it has successfully become its own universe that the viewer can escape into for a moment.

Hollynn currently works as a psychotherapist and artist in the San Francisco Bay area.

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